About us

Book Nomads' mission is to make books even more accessible while helping local communities interact more with over shared passions.

It all starts with a love of books. We ourselves read, borrow and buy a lot of books. We are swept away in majestic stories, about far away lands or close to home perils. The experience of these books, what we get out of these stories is what we want to share. A book is at it's best while being read.

We believe that the old school library is still cool. They are great place within a community to meet new people, follow courses to improve yourself and of course to borrow books. Unfortunately they don't have most books and sometimes don't have the book you want in stock. And for some they are far away. Book Nomads brings a library to every neighbourhood.

Improve your neighbourhood with us, and join us on our journey to an unprecedented access to books for people around the world.

How can you contact us?

Send us an email to info@booknomads.com