We are a book sharing platform, you can add your books and people can request to borrow or buy them.

The API is for searching the dutch database and it is free, but if you use it and refer BookNomads to your friends we will be very happy. (kind of Beerware license)


Dutch ISBN search

2.5million books processed from{ISBN}
If the books is found it returns an object:

      "ISBN": "string", 
      "Title": "string", -- the title, or all titles 
                            concatinated with comma or empty if missing
      "Subtitle": "string",
      "Description": "string",
      "CoverThumb": "string", -- base64 data/image url that you can 
                                 directly display, resized to 200x200, 
                                 or empty if missing
      "LanguageCode": "string", -- iso699-1 language 
                                   code (en,nl,fr..etc) or "xx" if missing
      "Subjects": [
        "string" -- array of strings of book's subjects according
                    to their NUR code, could be empty array
      "Authors": [
          "Name": "string"


$ curl -s | json_pp
   "LanguageCode" : "nl",
   "Title" : "Tobbe",
   "CoverThumb" : "....",
   "Description" : "",
   "ISBN" : "9789000035526",
   "Subtitle" : "",
   "Subjects": ["Fictie 13-15 jaar"],
   "Authors" : [
         "Name" : "M.  Engstrom"
         "Name" : "B.  Custers"
the image you can directly embed in <img>'s src attribute <img src="...."> like so:

Try it out at

Error handling

When error occurs we return json object with http status code: 500, the object contains only type and error fields
type the exception class
error error message


curl -s http://localhost:4569/api/v0/isbn/123123123123 | json_pp
   "type" : "IllegalArgumentException",
   "error" : "isbn [123123123123] not found"


We will keep extending the object without changing any existing types keeping compatability.


you can contact us at

Rate Limit

there is no rate limit at the moment, but please try to keep your requests to less than 5 per second


the API is free and open, use the data however you want, but if you provide a link to we will be grateful