What is the idea?

You add your books and your postal code (neighbourhood), than other book enthusiasts can find your books and you theirs, and send a 'borrow' request.

Is it free?


How does the borrowing work?

When you have found someone in the neighbourhood who has the book you are looking for that book owner will be notified by email. In the email we will share the book borrower's email address / phone number with the book owner so you can get in touch and agree on a pick up.

What happens at the pick up?

This can be at the front door of your home, the reception of work, a coffee shop around the corner, it is up to you. You hand over the book and agree on when it will be returned.

What if someone doesn't return the book or returns it damaged.

So far this hasn't happened yet and we hope it never will. For now we don't do anything, though if this happens we might change this.

When is the book returned?

That is up to you and the book borrower. In our experience a few weeks generally works best.

I tried to add a book but it wasn't found.

We are still adding the databases of ISBN numbers so it can happen that we don't have your book yet. In that case ..

Should I add all my books?

Probably not. Add those you don't mind lending out. We believe books are to be read and a little wear and tear adds to a book's charm.

What about my privacy?

We will only share your email address with the book owner you made a request to. The book owner can then reach out to you to set up a pick up moment. We don't share any other information.

Why are you doing this?

We love books and we like bringing people together. Books don't deserve to be stuck on your bookshelf forever, let them travel a little too.

Who are you?

We are a group of international friends based in Amsterdam originating from Italy, Iceland, Bulgaria and the Netherlands.

How can it be free?

We plan to make some money by sending you an email from time to time recommending a book, if you buy it we will get commission. We will do our best to recommend really good books.

Anything else?

Be respectful to the books and to each other.

How can you contact us?

Send us an email to info@booknomads.com